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  • Great for jigging and trolling, PowerPro Depth-Hunter Multi-Colored Braided Fishing Line features Enhanced Body Technology™ with multiple-color dying process.
  • This innovative process creates a multi-colored braided line which lets anglers target bottom and suspended fish with incredible precision.
  • The Depth-Hunter Braided line features four colors, blue, yellow, green and orange, that change every 25' and repeat every 100' for optimized depth and distance control.
  • Depth-Hunter Multi-Colored Braided Fishing Line also has a black hash mark every 5' to give anglers another indicator to use when gauging lure depth and placement.
  • In addition to making fishing at a specific depth easier than ever, this incredible multi-colored braided line boasts a high strength-to-diameter ratio with minimal stretch and outstanding sensitivity for increased strike detection.